Who Am I

Hey there, my name is Josh Hudson, and I’m a licensed real estate agent in Virginia. Welcome to my blog about real estate.

My Journey into Real Estate

When I exited the military in 2015, I was lost on where to go. I wanted to become a police officer, which felt right for me due to my experience in the military (at least it made sense on paper). 

That’s precisely what I did at NASA as a security police officer for one month before I threw in the towel and quit.

After NASA, I transitioned into selling cars and enjoyed working with individuals, helping them through one of the most significant purchases of their lives. 

After coming across another real estate investor, Cody Sperber, also known as the Clever Investor, I quickly became fascinated with real estate investing. 

I was motivated by the income potential of the real estate world. 

Many people create their wealth through real estate, and I wanted to be one of those people.

Professional Experience

I began pursuing my real estate license in 2018 and have been helping people buy, sell, rent, and also educating people about real estate ever since. It’s one of the most unique jobs I’ve ever had. More important than helping people is also educating people on the ins and outs of this entire industry with many complexities and sub-niches. No one ever knows it all, and I don’t care how long you’ve been in the industry. This industry changes by the day, and many external forces exist.

I can sit here and brag about how many houses I’ve sold or how many awards I’ve gotten, but more importantly, I want to take the focus off myself and place it on the people around me. This blog is a part of my mission to help educate people on real estate, whether buying your first house or flipping/renting your 30th house.


In 2021, I finally finished my bachelor’s degree in business administration. It took me six years, but hey, better late than never, right? I’ve studied countless hours about real estate investing and have a lot of practical knowledge on the best strategies to go about it. I see this industry as ever-evolving, and you can never learn enough because you are always learning new things about the business.

Why I Started This Blog

Sure, I can help people buy and sell real estate, but that’s too easy; any Joe-smo can do that. I want to do better than that! I started this blog because I want to give people a hub for their real estate education. The list is endless, whether buying, selling, renting, flipping, short-term rentals, or foreclosures. This blog will contain high-quality content centered around the real estate niche. There are many topics to discuss, and I’m excited to share my knowledge about all of this.

Personal Touch

When I’m not educating the public about real estate, you can usually find me in the gym, cycling, or gaming. Naturally, cherished moments with family and friends are paramount, leading me on periodic visits to both Southern Maryland and the historic charm of Williamsburg, VA.

Contact Information

Should you have any real estate inquiries or just wish to drop a friendly hello, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at:

Josh Hudson
Wainwright Real Estate